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Jules Rendell

VOTE NOW for Jules Rendell to go #VIRAL on Limehead Radio in March!

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VOTE NOW for Lanterns to go #VIRAL on Limehead Radio in March!

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Household Dogs

VOTE NOW for Household Dogs to go #VIRAL on Limehead Radio in March!


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Going #VIRAL in February: Jasmine Crowe

What a deserving winner! A social media machine, Jasmine has been all over her socials over the last two weeks – emulating what lead to the success of Erica the last time we ran this competition – and absolutely smashing it! Not only that, but an all round lovely lady and incredibly talented musician – […]


We’re always on the lookout for new music to include in our playlist!


Previously Going #VIRAL

Wow! What a win. After a fiercely fought competition over the final 2 weeks of July the boys of Erica can now proudly say that thanks to their devoted fans they are going to be in Heavy Rotation during August! If you’re making music and you would like it to be considered for this – […]

So for the first time ever – we handed over control of who gets “heavy rotation” on Limehead Radio to you – and we’re very impressed to say that by a long way the winner was Jonathan Vautour of Edmonton, Alberta! Jonathans track “Monday” will be added in to the main playlist on Tuesday evening […]

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