Kapital A

When you really look at this rapidly growing music industry, and all of the artists that come and go, you cant help but ask yourself Whats the difference? Whether its videos, radio, live shows, or internet, its all starting to look and sound the same. At this point, artists and consumers both are wondering where is the music going? The answer to that vital question can be found in a place that many are beginning to call The North Pole. The The North Pole, better known as to most of us as Columbus, Ohio, is the home of Earth’s newest rap sensation, Kapital A. Take your favorite rappers favorite rapper and put him together with some of the hottest producers known to man and you have a pretty good idea of what youll get when you hear Kapital A. This North Pole resident has been flowin since he could speak, and is quickly becoming what many are calling hip hops new savior. If everything is beginning to sound the same to you and you are looking for that difference, look no further than Kapital A. The wait is OVER!