Jacob Marshall

What do you get when you blend Beat Boxing, HipHop and EDM with elements of Jazz, Funk, Rock, Reggae, Classical and Soul?

The Music of Jacob Marshall!!!!

He works with live acoustic instruments, many are exotic such as the hung (a percussive instrument almost resembling the steel drum) crystal bowls, and guitars with altered tunings. Jacob’s ability to blend electronic music and live acoustic sounds into the mix creates a listening experience you won’t forget. Jacob writes songs, sings and freestyles, (spoken word, raps) with a passionate and soulful flavor.

Jacob performed at the epic 2012 Synthesis Festival with the group Spiridessence www.soundcloud.com/spiridessence  in Mexico near the Mayan Pyramids. Accompanied by Great acts such as the Luminaries and JaiUtal.  Synthesis was a Art, Music and spiritual workshop festival honoring the Planetary and Galactic alignment of 2012 as well as the end of the Mayan calander, and the beginning of a new Era on Planet Earth.

Jacob has collaborated and works with various different artists, such as Mikuak Ray, www.myspace/mikuakrai , and Chris Keshan of Rayzing Sons www.Rayzingsons.com  He currently is working with Gamma Da Kid on the Hip Hop project Rise Up. www.riseuplove.com

and with another Bay area artist, recording engineer and producer, Chris Mcgovern www.soundcloud.com/quasi-sonus    Quasi Sonus is an experimental ambient lounge EDM Project. Jacob just released his solo instrumental album (Crystal Lattice) in January 2017.   www.turnemupdropithot.com

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