We are a radio station for you. We do not just play the same 30 tracks that you hear on every other station, and we do not follow the usual “Radio” rules. We are what Radio should be. Limehead Radio a platform for independent artists to be heard we aim to bring you new unsigned music daily.
Limehead started life back in 2010 in Portsmouth as a platform to put on gigs and promote local bands and have gradually grown and developed since then. We have always been geared towards fun and interesting content and most importantly new and independent music, which is the driving force behind everything we do. This has not changed since we started and in fact this has become the reason we exist and succeed.

Limehead Radio truly became alive in January 2017 and have since then has grown meeting new artists, journalists, promoters, other radio stations and listeners.

We want to meet like minded artists and even others who think the same as we do.