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TWO new shows this weekend!

Written by on November 16, 2016

This weekend we will begin the process of filling up the Schedule on Limehead Radio.

Friday afternoon from 4pm marks a significant moment in our history as we start broadcasting regular shows on Limehead Radio! We’re very excited to announce the arrival of two new shows:

The Large One
Every Friday from 4pm-7pm

The first of the two will be The Large One, which launches on Friday at 4pm! This will be an opportunity to break completely from our usual playlist and just take on the mood of Friday afternoon. We will be offering a bespoke selection of *INTENSE* tunes to set you up for the weekend. We literally cannot wait to make listening to The Large One a weekly tradition…

Many have asked why it’s called The Large One?? Two reasons :-
1. It’s the largest show on Limehead Radio (being 4 hours long)
2. When we were putting together the playlist, it seemed to represent “Avvin’ it large” rather well.

Every Saturday from 1pm-4pm

The second show we will be launching this weekend is “Playback”. As the name suggests, we quite literally load in two full albums and play them track by track.
The first album will play just after 1pm, and the second just after 3pm with one of us introducing them.
The first show on Saturday 19th will feature Nirvanas Nevermind, and Nothing but Thieves’ Nothing but Theives.

We really do have some excellent albums lined up for upcoming shows, so it honestly is worth downloading the TuneIn app on your smartphone if you haven’t already and scheduling Limehead Radio to start playing at 2.30 on a Saturday afternoon!!

We absolutely cannot wait to reveal the other shows we have in the pipeline, and I can confirm now that these will be launching throughout the remainder of 2016.

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